We distinguishe  this sector of civil law, as a sensitive sector, that requires particular discretion and loyalty.

We undertake:

- To certify that there is /or there is no will registered in the Greek Competent Courts archives.

- To register a will and to fulfill the prerequisite of the necessary publicity.

- Interpretation of Wills and resolution of questions with regard to the Hereditary Rights or the management of fortune.
- Will Cancellation
 because of:

- falseness, 

- drafting under the state of illusion  (fallacy), fraud or threat, or 

- reason of content that is against the law or the general accepted morality rules.  (e.g. wills contemplating dominating, illegal or abusive terms etc).

Withdrawal of Will: Conditions and Procedure of valid withdrawal.

We also undertake:

Research of Property Titles to the local land registry  or mortgage office

Property management - assist with rental of property, collecting rental income declaring rental income to tax office, drafting leases, evictions, annual income tax declarations including income from rentals.

Verifying tax status of hereditary properties (verifying taxes owed, administrative court lawsuits in cases of wrongful taxation).

Obtaining Certificates issued by administrative and court agencies.

Filing Inheritance Tax Declarations (tax forms declaring hereditary properties and calculations of property tax values)

Notarial Acceptance of Inheritance

Come in contact with us in order to comprehend the relation that connects our client with the deceased and the particular conditions of the case. After studying the rights under protection, the client will be guided about the collection of the necessary documents, according to the needs of each specific case.  


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