Our firm distinguishes family law as one of the most demanding and sensitive sectors of civil law. The family matters require sensitivity, flexibility and confidence. During the really challenging period of divorce, the guidance of an experienced lawyer is crucial, so as to offer peace of mind for both parents and children.

 We undertake with success:

Divorce Proceedings (Consensual or adversarial):

The decision to end a marriage can be difficult and emotionally challenging. In case a relationship cannot work any longer, having the advice of an experienced lawyer can facilitate the separation process, allowing you to move on to the next chapter in your life.

- Child Custody and Visitation (The right of communication):

If the spouses have minor children together, they need to reach agreements or obtain court orders concerning child custody and visitation.

- Property Division

We handle complex property division cases, including the division of real estate, investment accounts, businesses, and any type of property that the spouses accumulated during their marriage.  

 - Child and Parentage Actions- The rights of paternity.  

- Cohabitation Agreement, Solidarity Pact and Same Sex Unions:

cohabitation agreement is a form of legal agreement reached between a couple who have chosen to live together (whether they are heterosexual or homosexual). In some ways, such a couple may be treated like a married couple. A civil solidarity pact is a contractual form of civil union between two adults that attempt to manage their joint life, which awards rights and responsibilities.

- Premarital (or antenuptial) Contracts

Contract between two persons who intend to marry that specifies the rights and obligations of the parties, especially in terms of property distribution in case of marriage termination.
Fertility Law Matters -Contracts involving Assisted Reproduction.

(surrogate parenting agreements).  

This is a relatively new and unsettled area of law concerning the legal issues involving couples who cannot conceive and the people and technologies they use to assist them in becoming parents.  The most important element of any contract involving assisted reproduction is the clarification of intent. Courts often render opinions based on the intent of the parties involved, subsequently it's very important prior to the embryo transfer or the egg retrieval or the sperm retrieval that a legal contract is drawn up and the intent of the parties is defined.

- Questions of Legal Guardianship
- Juridicial Recognition (Acknowledgement) of Illegitimate Children
- The Rights of Fatherhood
- Adoption Process
- Claims of  Child and Spousal Support
- Matters of Child Custody and resolution of Access Disputes   


Useful Advices:

At a first meeting we will help you comprehend the  rights  and  the  obligations  that  are related with   the     family             relations   and   we   will     assure  that   every choice we make is first of all, in the interest of the children. We individualise each case, having complete awareness of our responsibility. We can help you protect your family, resolve conflicts and negotiate based on decades of experience.

Do not hesitate to come in contanct with us in order to make an appointment and to guide you in connection with the collection of the elements of proof and the necessary documents, according to the needs of each case.


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