«Pacta sunt servanta»

Abide by the agreements

Contract, either verbal or written (sometimes both), is a legally binding agreement that establishes the terms and conditions which bind the parties.  Additionally the law will sometimes imply terms into a contract.

Contracts can take many forms, including:

business agreements

agency agreements

agreements for the sale/supply of goods

insurance contracts

joint venture agreements

production and distribution contracts

financing contracts

guarantees, mortgages, loan agreements,

employment contracts and

contracts for the sale of land etc

Breach of contract is the failure of either party to perform in accordance with the terms. The breach of contract connotes contractual liability .

We have long experience in resolving cases of civil litigation (conflict of rights and interests between private individuals) deriving either from breach of contract, or from damage disapproved by the law of tort.

Our daily practice consists of:

offering advice or contract negotiations,

drafting contracts

advising on termination of contracts

enforcing contracts

recovery of damages as a result of a breach of contract

defending proceedings where a breach of contract is alleged

We also deal with cases concerning:

Unjust enrichment ( where one person is unjustly or by chance enriched at the expense of another, and an obligation to make restitution arises) that results from all spectrum of legal relationships

Claims for the compensation- reimbursement of damages (financial, moral, or mental grief), from tort liability (in case of road accidents,constructional errors, medical errors, offence ofpersonality etc)

Claims for the compensation of the moral damage in cases of violation of  Personality Rights (via the press, via internet, via the devalorisation of environment, via the illegal use of personal data etc)

Questions of Consumer Protection Law (e.g. in loan contracts, insurance contracts etc) taking legal actions against unfair trading conditions and practices.

Useful Advices

We advise our customers, before making any agreement, in order to prevent future juridicial fights, to ask for our advice  for the careful drafting of the relative contracts.

At a first meeting we will apprehend the objectives and the particular conditions of our client and we will draft an individualised  contract in order to guarantee his rights and interests.
In the event that our client has suffered damage because of a breach of contract, we can enforce all the appropriate legal means in order to secure the rights and interests of our client. We will also conduct him in collecting and securing the appropriate evidence.

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