This is our leading sector of specialization and daily practice. Our team is helped by specialized professionals of real estate (mechanical engineers, notaries and tax consultants etc).

Property law is the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy.

We represent and provide services in landowners, householders, construction companies and investors in the sector of real estate.

We deal with:

- Search of Property Titles of ownership

- Draft an unconditional contract for sale and purchase for residential, commercial or rural properties, taking part even in the state of negotiations, as a liaise between the real estate agent and the other party’s legal representative.

-Draft, negotiation, or legal actions against breach of contracts of lease, commercial and retail leasing.   

-Advise on matters of joint tenant or tenants in common.

- Matters of “neighbor law” issues and new developments in neighboring property law, such us land use, rights, and state, and local regulations.  Trespass, Support of Land and Improvements, Airspace, Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes, Agreements Among Neighbors,  Environmental Legislation, Water Rights etc.

- Matters of joint ownership  and Distribution of property

-Expropriation of Property

- Property Restrictions according to the planning, environmental and the greek antiquities law.

At our first meeting we organize the appropriate  documentation  and collect all the relevant information  about  the problem and its particularities. 

Come in contact with us in order to make an appointment and in order to be guided about the collection of the necessary documents, according to the needs of each specific case.  

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